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Engage in simulated special operations worldwide led by GRU, SAS, JTF2 & Mossad veterans


We design and lead immersive, multi-day simulated Black Ops in challenging terrain across the globe, from urban metropolises to remote arctic, desert and jungle regions.


Security, defense, and special forces groups, extreme sport and media companies, and civilians looking for the next level of adventure.


Under the guidance of reservists and veterans of GRU, SAS, Mossad, JTF2 and other international special forces, participants choose the strategy, perform tactical tasks and execute mission objectives in real-world conditions and simulated combat situations.


We customize each experience based on the skills and goals of participants. There is no script to follow: you decide the course of action, and your decisions lead to the success or failure of each mission.  

As in real black ops, participants only know their original mission and respective roles. Situations change and unexpected events occur as the operation progresses, requiring participants to analyze new information, be resourceful and develop on-the-fly solutions to shifting challenges.

Participants will be organized into units led by CovertVenture specialists. These guides will provide training, information and safety support throughout the course of the operation, but will not make final decisions regarding which strategy and tactics to take--that is up to the participants. Each mission can last anywhere from 2 to 5 days. 


- In the real world, the situation always changes and new factors come into play.

For example, once we saved a peace-mission worker, a doctor that was taken hostage by a drug cartel deep in the jungle. During the assault, we discovered that in addition to the doctor, there were several sick children from the local tribe. The doctor refused to leave without them. As a result, we sent her and the children to safety in our helicopter, which had limited space, and had to figure to out how to extricate ourselves from the hostile area through the jungle on foot.

Traveling at night, we accidentally came upon a cartel patrol and got into a fight. One of our group was seriously wounded, and we were in danger of being trapped by a convoy of cartel soldiers approaching us in heavily armed vehicles.

We were able to get out of the situation, but this goes to show that on missions and combat situations, not everything goes according to plan. 


- The human  factor creates unexpected challenges and you have to come up with creative ways to accomplish your objective.

During one of our training exercises in Siberia, we had a seemingly easy, straightforward task:  "Get behind enemy lines and locate a map in a secret cache containing instructions for the next stage of the exercise." 

The cache was built under a huge rock, which stood at the intersection of two local roads. Our “enemy” were local military security with organized dog patrols. They knew nothing about the secret cache or our training exercise. But it turned out that they had positioned their camp right next to our destination objective. What to do now? How to get to the cache without revealing our objectives?

So we changed into ordinary civilian clothes, borrowed an old car at the local village, bought a bottle of vodka and went back to the location.

Upon arrival, we were surrounded by the patrol group and they demanded that we leave because it was prohibited for anyone to be there. We pretended to be sad drunks mourning an old friend who was killed a year ago when his car crashed into the rock on top of the cache and pleaded with them to give us 10 minutes to commemorate him. After a short conversation, they let us through. We were able to seize the map and continue with our training operation. 

As demonstrated by the example scenario below, you will be presented with options throughout the course of the mission.  Use your judgment and skill to determine which mode of transportation, reconaissiance and attack will fulfill your objectives.


A Russian oil tanker is attacked by a group of Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. You are part of an elite unit of special GRU operatives sent to rescue the crew. 

You and your unit can either (1) board the ship by rappelling from a helicopter or (2) approach the ship from the water by diving from a fishing boat.

Your unit decides to approach by water and in the course of the assault, gains intel that the crew is being held as hostages by pirates on the mainland, in a nearby coastal village.

Your unit lands on the coast at night.  Your unit has the choice of using infrared devices to try to stealthily locate the pirate compound or to gain information through direct contact with locals.  

In the meantime, another gang of pirates arrives to transfer the hostages to another location.

Assuming you are able to locate the compound, your unit faces a choice: to conduct a full blown armed assault on the enemy compound before the hostages are transferred, or to try to track the convey and rescue the hostages en route to their next destination in the jungle.

What will be your next step?

Maybe it doesn't matter which step you take, because one of the villagers has already alerted the pirates to your presence...

CovertVenture - Black Ops Filed Simulations - Special Forces, military intelligence extreme training and extreme adventure, jungle and desrt survival courses.


  1. Access to state-of-the art tactical and military intelligence training centers around the world

  2. Realistic combat training in different climatic zones from international special operations experts

  3. Total immersion in challenging situations enabling both new recruits and experienced personnel to test and hone physical and mental skills

  1. First-hand experience of the strategy and tactics used by military intelligence groups

  2. Opportunity to work with equipment usually only available to military security professionals

  3. Personal development and military survival training in extreme situations

  4. Team-building and development of problem-solving skills through immersion in critical COVERT OPS scenarios

  1. Consultations from military intel specialists

  2. Videography and staging of special operations and combat scenarios


SIberia CovertVenture - Black Ops Filed Simulations - Special Forces, military intelligence extreme training and extreme adventure, jungle and desrt survival courses.


Prevent sabotage of the Russian-Chinese gas pipeline in the Siberian taiga as part of GRU special forces

SIberia CovertVenture - Black Ops Filed Simulations - Special Forces, military intelligence extreme training and extreme adventure, jungle and desrt survival courses.


With help of SAS, rescue a British Red Cross doctor captured by drug traffickers in the Amazon jungle in Guyana

Arctic JTF2 CovertVenture - Black Ops Filed Simulations - Special Forces, military intelligence extreme training and extreme adventure, jungle and desrt survival courses.


Retrieve stash of secret biological weapons from a downed military transport plane in Alaska

Israel - Desert CovertVenture - Black Ops Filed Simulations - Special Forces, private military intelligence extreme training and extreme adventure, jungle and desrt survival courses.


Infiltrate a terrorist base to gain intel on nuclear weapons development the heart of Israeli desert



Covert Venture :: SAVE THE PRESIDENT


Due to engine failure, the Air Force One airplane of the Russian president has made an emergency landing deep behind the Arctic Circle, inside the neutral territories. For the salvation of the head of state, the Russian GRU has assembled a team of elite operatives. Little do they knew that they will have to confront the combined Western forces of JTF2, SAS and DEVGRU, whose mission is to destroy all traces of a failed assassination attempt on the president.



The GRU sent a joint special forces team to a desert location in Africa where the United States has deployed a new missile defense system under the protection of American DEVGRU and British SAS. One team seeks to destroy the base, the other to save it.



  1. New York with CIA
  2. New Zealand with NZSAS
  3. Moscow with Special Forces Alpha - FSB
  4. South America with Peru Commandos
  5. Mexico with GAFE


Russian GRU, UK SAS, Canadian JTF2, Israel MOSSAD


We help special forces veterans apply their unique experiences and gain income, which these heroes deserve.

We are open to new mission ideas and participation from special service and military intelligence personnel with experience in devising and directing covert operations. For possible consideration, please send us an example of your proposed simulated black ops operation. 

We guarantee full confidentiality. 


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New York, USA
Moscow, Russia
Auckland, New Zealand


The scenarios depicted on the site are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons and events is purely coincidental.